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Metal Gear Solid TPC 1 Metal Gear Solid TPC 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow im impressed

i love the music goes perfecly with this moive i cant wait till ur next one the draing was crazyy man u and ur budys who helped u or did it together did really awsoemjob on this spitcaculer work hope i speled it right lol this is my first reveiw to a movie ur lucky to get me to reveiw a movie then i gess im adding u to favorits
i love the rain sound its sounds like an real thunderstorm mabye thunder could hade bin a bit louder as in when the lightning strikes the credit apeared after it that will be cool in ur movie im ok with thunderstorms ust to study weather a bit when i was into them ar then stop now i make music this is the best movie i saw from a good vedio game i ever saw in this site yet so fare after cupl e months this is my number 1 fan movie please finish it cant wait till next episiodes hey chek out my music if u want also i love ur drawings u did in the vedio its superb great job!....

Metal Gear Awesome Metal Gear Awesome

Rated 5 / 5 stars


funy hey where thease phootsteps came aww fuk how was i supost to nkow that!!! lols... what interactivity mean so i put 5 to make it even lol cya ogod job

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Create-A-Ride Create-A-Ride

Rated 5 / 5 stars


yo this is a good game nice job on this the music went well on this to i like the drag race thingy ha i got 503 reaction time =p

im adding this game yto my bookmarks keep it up cant wai tilll
next game..

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Drakojan Skies Acolytes Drakojan Skies Acolytes

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I LOVE THIS GAME THE MUSIC IS PERFECT I FIANLY GOT TO THE SECOND LVL I HATE HAVING DUUBLE BOSSES LOLS BUT STILL FUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST PLAY GAME OR MAKE MSUIC AHH CANT TEL LOLS ops caps hahah on my breaks i play this game or wacht movie this is the bets game ever on newgrounds well for me i dont nkow how ot vote on game or movies i hope the score is good
this is my number 1 game woooott u can chek out my music wile at it if u want when im done my techno rage 5 song im play this game if i get to be doing it and ill try to beat it heheheeh mabye i can make veidio of me playing it so addicted to that game must finish my song ahhhh welll im of to work on my music cya laters GREAT JOB ON THIS GAME .. P.S FROM UR #1 FAN................

Punk-o-matic Punk-o-matic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

weee love making rock songs =) hehehehe!.

---0----9---9--- this is my favorite song i made is it ok i can put it into my first song made from newground incase it dosent load and how u u put ur music on this site eney way? becuse im new =) gena be mussisan need job to get prgrams and dj eqpuiment tho might take me a year =(. hope u lik dude it awsome love the peguen conversation to i dono what interactivity means so im puting just a 5 to make it even im new at judging so im not good u did really good job =).

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Idep (WIP) 4/9 done Idep (WIP) 4/9 done

Rated 5 / 5 stars

sorry for late reply this account was banned by my hotmail finally got it back my new account is mybrainbecametechno.

About the track.

It was going to get started really good at 2:00 and everything was coming together and then just stop good intro really calm and nice everything clean bass not over loud its soft in the background like the muffle drums high hats are clean reece bass line or solo arp lead is soft and warming to the track makes it full.

TheCon-Sept responds:

This song... I had such an idea behind this track.

What I envisioned was a place where no one is living no longer. And like I said before. Absolutely nothing tells you what happened here. but... you can see the entire town is filled in with scripture. or at least what looks like scripture all around this town. I still can't reveal why this town exists in the manner that it does.

Just use your imagination in the lines of the Bermuda triangle...

ParagonX9 - Blue Marine ParagonX9 - Blue Marine

Rated 1 / 5 stars

its me mybrainbecametechno Flash* correcting spelling =D

[Static electricity g-R] [Static electricity g-R]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

HAHAH sweet.

i like ur new style now i can be supper cunfusing 0-0 TEHEHE

Audio / Koolfox

Thanks for your vote, MuSic-Creater! You voted 5 for g-r4ave - Atomic Balls (Loop), raising its score from 0.00 to 5.00.

ur probbaly like wtf.



g-r4ve responds:

lolol im confused